Gossifleur - 014/072 - Common - Reverse Holo

Jan 2, 2022


Welcome to Seo by Chrys, your go-to resource for all your Pokémon card needs! In this page, we'll delve into the details of the Gossifleur - 014/072 - Common - Reverse Holo card from the Shining Fates set. Whether you're a collector or a player, this comprehensive guide will provide you with valuable insights and strategies to make the most of this card.

Gossifleur and Its Features

Gossifleur is a Grass-type Pokémon with a charming appearance. This Common card comes in a Reverse Holo variant, which adds a unique visual appeal to your collection. With a card number of 014/072, it holds a special place in the Shining Fates set. Let's take a closer look at its features and abilities.

Attack and Defense Stats

Gossifleur possesses decent attack and defense stats, which make it a reliable choice in battles. With careful planning and strategy, you can utilize its moves to gain an advantage over your opponents.

Ability: Pollen Puff

One of the standout features of Gossifleur is its ability known as Pollen Puff. This ability allows you to heal 20 damage from one of your Benched Pokémon. It can be a valuable asset in maintaining the strength and longevity of your team during intense battles.

Strategies for Gossifleur

To maximize the potential of your Gossifleur card, consider incorporating it into clever strategies. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

1. Supportive Role

Gossifleur's Pollen Puff ability makes it an excellent support Pokémon. By strategically healing your team members, you can prolong their presence in battles and increase your chances of victory. Pair Gossifleur with Pokémon that have high HP or beneficial abilities to create a formidable combination.

2. Energy Acceleration

Another way to utilize Gossifleur's potential is by incorporating it into energy acceleration strategies. With the right cards and deck setup, you can quickly charge up your active Pokémon by providing them with additional energy from your hand, thus facilitating powerful attacks.

3. Combo with Other Grass Pokémon

Gossifleur's Grass typing opens up opportunities for synergistic combinations with other Grass Pokémon. Explore cards that have complementary abilities or moves that can enhance Gossifleur's effectiveness in battles. A well-rounded team that leverages the strengths of various Pokémon types will give you an edge in any matchup.

Collectibility and Value

In addition to its gameplay potential, the Gossifleur - 014/072 - Common - Reverse Holo Pokemon card holds collectible value. Whether you're a casual collector or a seasoned enthusiast, owning this card will enhance your collection's diversity and visual appeal. The Reverse Holo variant adds an extra touch of rarity and desirability.


Congratulations on discovering the intricacies of the Gossifleur - 014/072 - Common - Reverse Holo Pokémon card. Armed with this knowledge, you can now employ effective strategies, whether you're battling against friends or expanding your valuable collection. Seo by Chrys is dedicated to providing high-quality content and valuable insights for all Pokémon enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more guides and content that will help you navigate the exciting world of Pokémon cards!

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Nov 10, 2023
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Nov 8, 2023
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Oct 25, 2023
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Oct 21, 2023
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Sep 7, 2023
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Aug 19, 2023
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Jul 30, 2023
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May 29, 2023
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Does anyone know the current market value of this card?
Apr 11, 2023
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Mar 30, 2023
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Mar 26, 2023
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I find myself drawn to the serene beauty of Gossifleur.
Mar 10, 2023
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The reverse holo effect really makes the colors pop.
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Mar 8, 2023
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Stunning card! The reverse holo pattern is breathtaking!
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