Bedivere, the Restorer of Souls - SKL-003 - SR - 1st Edition

Mar 20, 2020


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About Bedivere

Bedivere, the Restorer of Souls, is a valuable trading card from the Seven Kings of the Land set. This specific card, the SKL-003 - SR, is a first edition variant that collectors and players alike often strive to obtain. Its unique effects and stunning artwork make it a highly desirable addition to any collection or deck.

Card Details

Card Title: Bedivere, the Restorer of Souls

Rarity: Super Rare (SR)

Edition: 1st Edition

Set: Seven Kings of the Land (SKL-003)

Card Description

Bedivere, the Restorer of Souls possesses powerful abilities that can greatly impact gameplay. Its effects allow players to manipulate the graveyard and retrieve vital resources, making it an excellent addition to decks focused on resource management and strategic plays. The intricate artwork showcases the character's mythical qualities, adding to its overall allure.

How to Obtain

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