Urushi - N-896 - Common - Unlimited Edition

Jul 20, 2019


Welcome to Seo by Chrys. We are your destination for all things related to Naruto CCG singles. In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive deep into the details of the Urushi - N-896 - Common - Unlimited Edition card from the Fangs of the Snake expansion. Join us as we explore the power and significance of this incredible card.

Card Details

The Urushi - N-896 - Common - Unlimited Edition card is a must-have addition to any Naruto CCG collection. This card comes from the Fangs of the Snake expansion, which introduces an array of new and exciting cards to the game. With its striking artwork and powerful abilities, Urushi - N-896 is sure to enhance your gameplay experience.

Card Name: Urushi - N-896

Rarity: Common

Edition: Unlimited Edition

Card Description

Urushi - N-896 is a versatile card that can be used in various strategies and deck types. Its ability to adapt to different situations makes it a valuable asset on the battlefield. This card possesses both offensive and defensive capabilities, making it a well-rounded choice for any Naruto CCG player.

Strategies and Usage

When building a deck that includes the Urushi - N-896 card, consider its strengths and weaknesses. Understanding how this card fits into your overall strategy will give you an advantage during gameplay. Here are a few tips on how to best utilize this powerful card:

1. Offensive Strategies

Urushi - N-896 excels in offensive situations. Its high attack power and special abilities can deal significant damage to your opponents. Use it strategically to weaken your opponent's defenses and pave the way for further attacks. Combine it with other cards that enhance its offensive capabilities to maximize its potential.

2. Defensive Strategies

While Urushi - N-896 is primarily known for its offensive prowess, it also offers defensive benefits. Its unique abilities can protect your other cards and provide much-needed support during crucial moments. Utilize Urushi - N-896 strategically to thwart your opponent's attacks and ensure the safety of your valuable assets.

3. Synergistic Combos

Explore different card combinations to create powerful synergies with Urushi - N-896. Building a deck around this card allows for strategic plays and unexpected moves. Experiment with different strategies to find the combo that works best for your playstyle and preferences.

Collectibility and Value

Urushi - N-896 - Common - Unlimited Edition holds value both for collectors and avid players of Naruto CCG. Its scarcity, coupled with its powerful abilities, makes it a sought-after card within the community. As you expand your collection, Urushi - N-896 will prove to be a valuable and cherished addition.


Seo by Chrys is dedicated to providing you with the most detailed and comprehensive information about the Urushi - N-896 - Common - Unlimited Edition card from the Naruto CCG Singles - Fangs of the Snake expansion. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your Naruto CCG collection. Stay tuned for more valuable content and explore our extensive catalog of high-quality Naruto CCG singles.

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