Hinoka: Valiant Sky-Princess B14-059N - Kanagawa Cards

Jun 21, 2023

Welcome to Seo by Chrys, your premier destination for the Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher) Singles - Booster Series. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the details of the highly sought-after Hinoka: Valiant Sky-Princess B14-059N card, available exclusively at Kanagawa Cards.

Overview of Hinoka: Valiant Sky-Princess B14-059N

Hinoka: Valiant Sky-Princess B14-059N is a legendary card that features the brave and inspiring character from the Fire Emblem series. As a standout member of the Nohr Royal Family, Hinoka showcases unparalleled strength, leadership, and determination.

With its stunning artwork and meticulous design, this card captures the essence of Hinoka's character, allowing fans and collectors to truly appreciate her indomitable spirit. The detailed background and vivid colors make it a must-have addition to any Fire Emblem card collection.

Card Details and Specifications

Let's dive deeper into the technical aspects of the Hinoka: Valiant Sky-Princess B14-059N card. This card belongs to the Booster Series - B14 (Eyegazing Future) and is classified as a Normal (N) rarity card. The unique card number assigned to this particular edition is 230333.

In terms of gameplay, Hinoka boasts formidable stats and abilities, making her a valuable asset in battles. With her sky-high speed, devastating attack power, and defensive capabilities, this card truly embodies the essence of a sky-princess warrior.

Whether you're a dedicated Fire Emblem player seeking a powerful addition to your deck or a collector looking to complete your set, Hinoka: Valiant Sky-Princess B14-059N is an excellent choice.


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In conclusion, if you're a Fire Emblem enthusiast or collector, Hinoka: Valiant Sky-Princess B14-059N is a must-have addition to your repertoire. Its stunning artwork, powerful abilities, and exclusivity make it a highly sought-after card.

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