Deathbringer Regent - Foil - Launch Promo

Apr 11, 2019


Welcome to Seo by Chrys, your premier destination for high-end Magic: The Gathering singles. In this section, we will delve into the Deathbringer Regent - Foil - Launch Promo, an unparalleled card with incredible power and distinctive attributes.

The Power of Deathbringer Regent

Deathbringer Regent is a formidable creature within the Magic: The Gathering universe. Known for its ability to devastate opponents, this foil launch promo version offers a truly unique and enhanced experience.

Enhanced Foil Artwork

As a launch promo, Deathbringer Regent - Foil showcases stunning foil artwork that captures the essence of this fearsome dragon. The foil treatment accentuates the intricate details of the artwork, making it a must-have for collectors and players alike.

Unleash Destruction

This majestic dragon boasts a powerful ability that strikes fear into the hearts of opponents. When Deathbringer Regent enters the battlefield, it deals damage to each opponent's creatures equal to the number of dragons in your graveyard. This devastating effect can quickly turn the tide of any battle.

A Collector's Gem

With its limited availability as a launch promo, owning the Deathbringer Regent - Foil edition is a mark of distinction among collectors. Its rarity and desirability make it a valuable addition to any Magic: The Gathering collection.

Competitive Advantage

When it comes to competitive play, Deathbringer Regent - Foil provides a significant edge. Its ability to wipe out opponents' creatures and establish board control is a crucial asset in various game formats and strategies.

Uncover the Mysteries

Delve deeper into the lore of Deathbringer Regent and discover its origins. Learn about the dragon's connection to powerful beings, legendary battles, and its place within the vast universe that is Magic: The Gathering.

Deck Integration

Whether you're building a dragon-themed deck or looking for a potent addition to your existing deck, Deathbringer Regent - Foil offers incredible synergy and versatility. Its presence can reshape your deck's dynamics and intimidate your opponents.


In summary, Deathbringer Regent - Foil - Launch Promo is a rare and highly coveted Magic: The Gathering card that embodies power, collectability, and strategic value. Visit Seo by Chrys to add this exceptional card to your collection or give your deck an exceptional boost.

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